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Welcome to the Official website Byloom,

This website is created to keep my life conncted with all the world around me, from friends to famil, from lifestyle to trips around the earth. I have huge passion for Hi-Tech and specially for Apple and Photographs.
I use to travel a lot, and wherever i use to go i love to take photos of landscape and of the places i visit. I am starting to develop my blog, sharing all my trips and my photos, trying to give some tips for future trips all around the world.
Apple is a big chapter of my live, i just start to study swift code to start to develop apps, from games to entrataiments applications. I am still a beginner but i wish to improve day by day, learning new functions and tips to give the chance for this new passion to be something fun and grateful.

In this website you are able to find teh link to my blog; you will explore the story of my trips and my passion for photographing...that i like to share with you, dear reader.
Also you will have the chance to visit the Album area, where i like to collect all my photos, about landscape, foods, lifestyle and everything i like to catch with my cameras: i love to use myCanon EOS 750D, theIphone 6, and the GoPro for the crazy videos. There are dedicated areas, each of them organized by type of picture and style of pictures and videos.
In the downlaoding area i like to keep all the photograph albums about the events and trips i have done in my life, and give the chances to my frind to downlaod the photos in original format, so they can be able to enjoy and prints the moments we lived togethers.
Actually i am working on new sections, and one of them is dedicated to my passion for Apple where i will share, i hope soon, my first app and in future all the apps i will develop. Would be great once the page will be ready to get from my followers a shout about my apps, including feedbacks and requests.

I will keep all you updated about any news, and i am glad you are here to read such a small introduction for a funny surfing trought my website.

Enjoy the navigation and see you soon..thumb up and smile to the live!!!

Website Under Progression.

Official Website, made by Lorenzo Morelli. - Apple Developer since 2017.

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